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We offer BOP – Businessowners Packaged Polices from the best in class commercial insurance companies. We will compare rates from all companies in your state and report back to you for your review and decision. Get Started Now!

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We insure these business types everyday.


Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment Store
Air Conditioning, Heating Supplies
Antique Stores
Appliance Store – Residential
Aquarium Supplies & Tropical Fish
Archery Equipment & Supplies Store
Army – Navy Stores
Army & Navy Store
Army/Navy Stores – Retail sales
Art & Architectural Supplies Stores
Art & Drafting Supplies Store
Art Gallery or Dealer
Art, Picture & Poster Store – Original/Reproduced Work
Art, Pictures & Posters
Artificial Flowers & Plants Shops
Artificial Flowers Store
Artists Supplies
Artists Supplies Store
Arts & Crafts Supplies Stores
Athletic Footwear
Audio & Visual Equipment Stores
Audio Visual Equipment Store – Sales & Service
Audio/Visual Equipment
Auto Parts & Supplies Store
Auto Specialty Store: Lessors Risk
Automobile Accessories
Automobile Parts & Supplies Stores
Automobile Parts/Supply Stores
Awnings Stores
Baby Furniture Stores – Retail sales
Bagel Shop With Baking
Bagel Shop Without Baking
Bagel Shops
Bakeries – with baking on premises
Bakery Store with Cooking
Bakery Store without Cooking
Bakery, Donut & Bagel Shops
Balloon & Novelty Stores
Balloon Shops
Balloons – Novelty Store
Banners & Flags Shop
Banners, Flag, Decals & Posters Shops
Barber, Beauty Supplies – Retail
Bath Shop
Battery Stores
Beauty Shops
Beauty Supplies Store
Bed & Bath Shops
Bedding & Linens Stores
Beer, Liquor & Wine Store
Beverage Store: no alcoholic beverage
Beverage Stores – with alcoholic beverages
Beverage Stores, No Alcoholic Beverages
Beverage Stores, Selling Beer or Wine
Bicycle Shops
Bicycle Store
Blanket & Bedding
Blankets & Bedspreads Store
Blueprinting Services
Book Binding & Printing Supplies Stores
Book Stores (New)
Bookbinding and Printing Supplies – retail only
Books & Magazines Store
Books, Magazines
Books, Magazines and Newspaper Stores
Bottled Water Store
Brass Speciality Stores
Brass, Copper & Pewter Specialty Store
Bric-a-Brac & Curio Shops
Bridal Shop
Bridal Shops
Burial Caskets/Coffins/Shipping Cases Store
Butcher Shops
Butcher Shops – No Locker Plants
Cabinet Sales
Cabinet Store
Cabinet Stores
Cake Decorating Equipment & Supplies
Calculator Store
Camera & Camera Supplies Stores
Camera and Photographic Equipment Stores
Camera, Photographic Supplies & Repair
Cameras & Photo Equipment Store
Camping Equipment Store
Candle Shop
Candle Shops
Candle, Soaps & Potpourri Stores
Candy or Confectionery Store with Cooking
Candy or Confectionery Store without Cooking
Candy, Nut & Confectionery Stores
Candy, Nut and Confectionery Stores
Candy, Nut, Confectionary
Cards, Stationery
Carpet, Floor Coverings
Carpet, Tile, Rug & Floor Covering Stores
Carpets, Rugs & Floor Covering Store
Catalog & Premier Coupon Redemption Stores
Cellular Phones and Pager Stores
Ceramics & Pottery
Cheese Shop
Cheese Shops
Children’s & Infants’ Wear Stores
Childrens and Infants Wear
China & Crystal Stores
China, Ceramics, Pottery & Glassware Stores
Christmas Stores
Church Supplies Store
Clock Shop with Repair
Clock Store
Clock Stores
Clock, Watch & Jewelry Stores
Clothing – Hosiery
Clothing & Accessories: Children’s & Infants’
Clothing & Accessories: Maternity Clothing
Clothing & Accessories: Men’s & Boys’
Clothing & Accessories: Sports Apparel & Accessories
Clothing & Accessories: T-Shirt Shops
Clothing & Accessories: Women’s & Girls’
Clothing Store – Infants & Childrens
Clothing Store – Ladies & Girls
Clothing Store – Men & Boys
Clothing Store – Sports
Clothing Store – Uniform Or Maternity
Clothing – Haberdashery and Men’s Furnishings
Clothing – Ladies’ Undergarments and Lingerie
Coffee Bars
Coffee House
Coffee Shops
Coffee, Tea & Beverage Stores
Collectibles – Coins & Stamps
Collectibles Store
Computer & Computer Software Stores
Computer Store
Computer Stores
Concessionaire with no cooking
Convenience Store, No Gas Pumps
Convenience Store, Selling Gas
Convenience Stores (With Gas and Restaurant)
Convenience Stores (With Gas)
Convenience Stores (Without Gas)
Cookie Stores
Copying / Duplicating Services: Retail
Cosmetic, Beauty or Barber Supply Stores
Cosmetic, Hair or Skin Preparation Stores
Cosmetic, Toiletries & Beauty Supply Stores
Cosmetics & Toiletries Store
Cosmetics, Toiletries
Costumes & Wigs Shops
Curtain, Draperies
Custom Tailors & Dressmakers’ Shops
Cutlery Store
Cutlery Stores
Dairy Products
Dairy Products or Butter and Egg Stores
Dairy Products Store
Dairy Products Stores
Dance Supplies
Dancing Supplies Stores
Deli & Sandwich Shops
Delicatessens – with seating for 41 – 80
Delicatessens, franchises – seating up to 40
Delicatessens, franchises – with seating for 41 – 80
Delicatessens, No Cooking
Delicatessens, With Cooking
Department or Discount Stores
Department Store
Department Stores
Department Stores, No Cooking
Discount Stores
Dollar Stores
Donut Shops
Door & Window Products Stores
Drafting Supplies Wholesalers
Drapery Store
Drapery, Curtain, Slipcover & Upholstery Materials Stores
Drug Store with Food
Drug Store without Food
Drug Stores
Dry Good Stores
Dry Goods, Fabrics & Yarn Store
Education & School Supplies
Educational & School Supplies Store
Educational & School Supplies Stores
Educational and School Supplies Stores
Electric Equipment & Supplies Stores
Electrical Supplies
Electrical Supplies Store
Electronic Goods Stores
Electronics Store
Electronics Stores
Equipment, Fixtures, Supplies for Bars, Hotels, Offices or Stores
Equipment, Fixtures, Supplies for Restaurants
Fabric Stores
Fabric, Sewing Supplies & Notions Stores
Family Clothing Stores
Fence Dealers Stores
Fishing Equipment & Supplies Store
Fishing Equipment Stores
Flag & Banner Stores
Floor Covering Stores
Florist Shop
Florist/Flower Shops
Florists Shops, including Artificial Flowers
Formal Wear Shops
Formal Wear Stores
Frame Shops
Fruit & Vegetable Markets
Fruits & Vegetables
Furniture Store
Furniture Store – Dinette Sets Only
Furniture Store – Office
Furniture Store: upholstered – retail only
Furniture Stores – metal or wood – retail only
Furniture, Patio
Games and Supplies Stores
Garden & Nursery Stores
Garden And Lawn Supply Stores: no landscape operations
Garment Alteration, Repair & Storage Services
General Store
General Stores
Gift Baskets Stores (Including Fruit)
Gift Shop
Gift, Novelty & Souvenir Shops
Gift, Novelty or Souvenir Shops
Gift, Novelty, Souvenirs
Glass Dealers: retail only
Glass or Mirror Wholesale Specialty Stores
Glass Sales Stores (Window, Plate, Mirror)
Glass Store – Window, Plate & Mirror
Glassware, Ceramics, Pottery & China Store
Golf & Tennis Shops
Golf Cart Sales and Service (no rentals)
Golf Equipment & Supplies Store
Golf Equipment Stores
Gourmet & Specialty Food Stores
Gourmet Coffee Shops
Gourmet Food Stores
Greeting Card & Stationery Supplies Stores
Grocery Stores
Grocery Stores & Supermarkets
Hallmark Card Store
Hardware & Software Sales – Retail
Hardware Store
Hardware Stores
Hats & Caps Stores
Health Food
Health Food Stores
Hearing Aid & Audiology Centers
Hearing Aid Stores
Hearing Aids Store
Hobby & Model Shop
Hobby Shops, including Miniatures, Models & Trains
Hobby, Model Maker or Craft Supply Stores
Hobby, Toy & Game Shops
Home Centers
Home Furniture Stores
Home Improvement Store
Home Improvement Stores
Home Improvement Stores – Retail
Hosiery Shops
Hosiery Store
Household Appliance Stores
Household Appliances and Home Furnishings
Housewares Stores
Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Shops, No Cooking
Ice Cream Parlors & Yogurt Shops
Insulation & Energy Conservation Products Stores
Interior Decorators Shops
Janitorial Supplies Store
Janitorial Supplies Stores
Jewelry – Fine
Jewelry – Imitation & Novelty
Jewelry Store
Jewelry Stores
Juice Bars
Kiosks – No Food
Kitchen & Bath Cabinets & Countertops Stores
Kitchen Accessories Store
Kitchen Accessories Stores
Kitchen Accessories, including Cutlery
Knives & Scissors
Knives & Scissors Store
Ladies Accessories and Specialties
Ladies And Girls Coats, Suits, And Dresses
Lamps & Lighting Fixtures Store
Lamps, Lighting Fixtures
Lawn & Garden Equipment Stores
Lawn, Garden Supplies
Lawn, Garden, Outdoor Fixtures
Leather Goods
Leather Goods & Luggage Store
Leather Goods Stores (Belts)
Leather Products Or Hide Stores
Lighting, Lamps & Accessories Stores
Linen & White Goods
Linen & White Goods Store
Lingerie & Accessories Store
Lingerie & Specialty Shops
Lingerie, Hoisery
Liquor Stores
Luggage & Leather Goods Stores
Luggage Stores
Mail Box or Packaging Stores
Masonry Materials & Supplies Stores
Maternity Shops
Meat, Fish & Poultry
Meat, Fish & Poultry Markets
Medical Equipment Supply Stores – Property Only
Men’s and Boys’ Clothing Stores
Mens And Boys Hats and Caps
Men’s Suits and Coats Stores
Mirror & Home Decorations
Mirror and Glass Shops
Monument & Tombstone Store – No Installation
Music Store – Pre-recorded
Music Stores: CDs, tapes, sheet music, instruments
Musical Instrument & Sheet Music Stores
Musical Instrument Store
Musical Instruments Store
Musical Instruments, Parts & Accessories Wholesalers
Musical Instruments, Pianos, Organs
Nail Salons
Napa Auto Parts Store
Newspaper & Magazine Stands
Newspaper Stand
Nursery & Garden Shop
Office Equipment & Supply Store
Office Furniture
Office Furniture Stores
Office Machines
Office Supplies
Office, Stationery or Rubber Stamp Stores
Optical Goods
Optical Goods Store
Optical Goods Stores
Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Stores
Paint, Varnishes & Supplies Wholesalers
Paint, Wallpaper & Wall Coverings Store
Paint, Wallpaper, Tile
Painting, Picture or Frame Stores
Paper & Paper Products
Paper & Paper Products Store
Paper & Paper Products Stores
Party Goods Store – Paper
Party Goods Stores
Party Supply Stores
Pearle Vision Center
Perfume & Cologne Stores
Pet Food & Supplies
Pet Food & Supplies Stores
Pet Shop & Supplies
Pet Shops (Domestic Animals Only)
Pet Store
Pet Stores
Photofinishing – Retail
Photography – Commercial
Photography – Portrait, including Video Taping
Piano & Organ Store
Picture Frames & Framing Store
Picture Framing Services
Picture Framing Work Services
Pizza Carryout: no cooking except pizza baking
Pizza Parlors & Pizzerias
Plant Shop
Plant Shops
Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies
Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies Store
Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies Stores
Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures Dealers – retail only
Popcorn & Pretzel Shops
Poster, Art & Pictures Stores
Pottery Store
Poultry And Poultry Products
Precision and Scientific Tools/Instruments – retail only
Premium Coupon Redemption Store
Prerecorded CDs, Tapes & Video Discs Stores
Printing & Bookbinding Supplies Store
Printing Shops
Produce Markets
Radio, TV & Phonograph Store
Records, Tapes, Compact Discs
Religious Articles
Religious Goods Stores
Restaurant Equipment Stores
Restaurant Fixtures & Supplies Store
Roofing Supplies Stores
Rubber Stamps Store
Running & Track Equipment
Running & Track Equipment & Supply Store
Saddlery Stores
Sewing Machine Store
Sewing Machine Stores
Sewing Machines
Sheet Music & Record Stores
Ship Chandler Stores
Shoe Repair Shops, incl shoe shining, sale of accessories
Shoe Store
Shoe Stores
Shopping Centers
Sign Stores
Snack & Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars
Soccer Apparel & Equipment
Soccer Apparel & Equipment Store
Specialty Foods
Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Store
Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Stores
Sporting Goods, Bait & Tackle (No Firearms or Skis)
Sports Apparel Stores
Stationery and Paper Products
Stationery Supplies Store
Submarine Sandwich Stores (No Cooking)
Sunglasses Store
Swimming Pool Supplies Store
Tailoring or Dressmaking – custom
Telephone & Pager Store – No Installation
Telephone & Pager Stores
Telephone Stores
Television, Stereo & Video Electronics Stores
Tennis Apparel & Equipment
Tennis Equipment Supplies Store
Ticket Sales
Tie Shop
Tie Shops
Tile Stores
Tire Dealers
Tire Dealers – without incidental auto repair or service
Tobacco Shop
Toy Store
Trophies & Plaques Stores
Trophy Stores
T-Shirt Shops
T-Shirt Store
Tuxedo Rental
Tuxedo Rental Services
Typewriter Sales & Service Stores
Uniform and Linen Supplies Stores (no rentals)
Uniform Stores
Uniforms & Work Clothing Stores
Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service Stores
Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service with Central Installation
Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service without Central Installation
Vacuum Cleaner Sales and Service Stores
Variety Store
Variety Stores
Video Store
Video Tape Rental Services
Video Tape Store
Vitamin Stores
Wallpaper, Wall Coverings, or Paint Stores
Warehouse Clubs, Catalog Showrooms & General Stores
Watch and Clock Repair – no jewelry stores
Water Softening Equipment Store – No Installation
Wig Shops
Wig Store
Wigs & Toupees Store
Wigs & Toupees Stores
Women’s Accessory & Costume Jewelry Stores
Women’s Clothing and Bridal Shops
Yarn Shop
Yarn Stores
Yarns, Fabrics, Sewing, Needlework, Piece Goods Stores